Frank Fuster's Story 

Frank Fuster
April 15, 2006



How You Can Help

You can make a donation to Frank Fuster's defense by sending your contribution to:

The National Center for Reason and Justice
POB 191101
Roxbury MA 02119

With your donation, please include a note recommending a distribution to the Frank Fuster Defense Fund and indicating whether this will be a tax-deductible donation. As well as acting as a fiscal sponsor for such funds, the NCRJ educates the public about prisoners and defendants like Frank Fuster, who are falsely accused of crimes against children.

The NCRJ's Board of Directors distributes money in its Prisoner Legal Defense Fund by balancing the desires of the donors with the needs of their grantees. If you are making a tax-deductible donation, the NCRJ's Board of Directors will take your wishes into serious consideration, but they cannot promise you to deposit all of it in Frank Fuster's fund. If they did, the IRS would disallow your tax deduction for that donation. For more information on the tax laws governing such contributions, we recommend you consult your own accountant or attorney.

You may also make your contribution by credit card.

You can send Frank Fuster a message of support. His mailing address is:

Francisco Fuster-Escalona
DeSoto Annex
1316 S.W. Highway 70
Arcadia FL 34266-7800

You can also send Frank Fuster an email  message of support.